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The Care Professional's Resilience Program

Elegrow's Care Professional's Resilience (CPR) program addresses the deepest core issues of organisation sustainability and loss of revenue due to high turnover, compassion fatigue and burnout.

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Retain your people and sustain your capacity to care.

Developing your people to sustain care and boost your bottom line.

Supporting your organisation and people to thrive and sustain care.

Strengthening organisation capacity for quality client care.

The Care Professional's Resilience (CPR) Program

Developed specifically for care organisations to mitigate the rising prevalence and risk of stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout that is crippling care organisations, people, revenue and capacity to sustain care.


Proven outcomes

Statistically significant
Reduction in Compassion Fatigue (Secondary Trauma)

Statistically significant
Reduction in Burnout

Statistically significant
Increase in Resilience


“The Elegrow Care Professional’s Resilience Program firstly acknowledged for our team that the existence of rising stress, compassion fatigue and burnout is a reality experienced by many who work in care organisations such as our School. Through participation in the professional development program our team developed a shared understanding and common language to use to support each other and our young people.   Additionally, the opportunities provided to connect through forums and online webinars offered reassurance to all team members that we are not alone in what we were experiencing or feeling.  Adopting of the strategies and techniques learnt throughout the course and available in the resources toolkit had a positive effect in ensuring that our team could grow in their emotional intelligence and ultimately enable them to sustain their capacity to care for the young people at our School.”


- The Leadership Team The Sycamore School, Ronwyn Collier, Principal and Roslyn Sullivan, Deputy Principal.

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What sets the Care Professional’s Resilience Program apart:

  • Combined intervention and professional development program.
  • Reduces the risk of rising stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout. 
  • Alleviates the negative physical, social and emotional effects.
  • Develops capacity of individuals and organizations to sustain care.
  • Is evidence based and  developed in the context of care professionals, environments and culture.
  • Accessible online and backed by a valuable toolkit of resources to sustain new habits and behaviours well after graduation. 
  • Facilitates real behaviour change.

Proven outcomes

A study of the Care Professional’s Resilience Program in 2016 found statistically significant improvements in the group’s overall emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence factors of:

  • Emotion self-management,
  • Emotion expression,
  • Emotion self-control, and
  • Emotion awareness of others.

The study revealed an increase in compassion satisfaction and a decrease in secondary trauma (compassion fatigue) and burnout scores.

An independent analysis of the pre and post assessments of the The Care Professional's Resilience Program facilitated online in 2020, found a statistically significant increase in the group's resilience and statistically significant reductions in compassion fatigue and burnout.

"I have had significant life changing results some in which even I would not have predicted. I got to know myself better, my colleagues and clients in a different and clearer light. I felt I could communicate better, my thought pattern felt broader and easier almost kinder than prior to doing Elegrow. I found it was mindful, enlightening, and at times confronting, I have now got the tools to continue, it was amazing.

Thank you Michelle for helping me grow ."

- Christina Renata, Graduate 2020

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Everyone benefits when you invest in your people

  • A study found 86% of emergency nurses had moderate to high levels of compassion fatigue.
  • A ProQOL assessment of 363 child protection workers participating in a seminar found 50% had high to very high levels of compassion fatigue.
  • study among 101 teachers in a low socio-economic community revealed 91% of the teachers were in the highest percentile for secondary trauma.
  • Almost 20% of midwives experience PTSD.
  • In the USA, 24% of ICU nurses assessed positive for symptoms of Post-Traumatic-Stress.
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Be the leader that serves your people and gets the results you need

Give your people the resources that strengthen their capacity to sustain care and everyone benefits.

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Invest in your most valuable asset - your people.

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