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Engage Your People

Turn your human collateral into human assets and watch your revenue and career rise.

Improve Retention

People don’t quit their job, they quit their leaders. Be the leader people want to stick with.

Grow with Confidence

We help you to shift your neurological, biological behaviour and develop mindset, skills, capability to lead, perform at the highest level.

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Executive leaders are not bulletproof

In ever-demanding care environments, executive leaders are tasked to make high stakes decisions in the best interest of the organisation, people and clients.  

Many leaders are promoted into their roles because of high performance and their expertise. 

Yet few are specifically developed to manage people, complex behaviour or emotions of individuals and teams. This leads to rapid derailment of engagement, disconnection, low moral of teams and negative effects for clients.

Executive Leadership Matters:

  • 75% of 1 million people surveyed in a gallop poll left their jobs because of their boss.
  • 60% healthcare workers report being burned out and unsupported by their leaders.
  • Toxic employees reduce other’s work quality by 38%.
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It was a pleasure to have Michelle engaged to help our Executive develop our new strategic direction and build the capacity of our team to implement this across a complex organisation. Focusing on our people was key and Michelle provided excellent teaching, facilitation and coaching for our leadership teams. The provision of great tools and concepts allowed us to look at situations through different lenses and devise the most suitable path forward to greater success for our business and our people."

- Dallas Dowsett

Head of International Development, University of Queensland

Stand out as the leader who delivers outcomes through people.

Who cares about people - who takes action!  

Advanced Executive Coaching is a unique neurological-biological-behavioural coaching  approach that is:

  • Evidence based. 
  • Underpinned by the behaviour, neurological, biological sciences.
  • Shifts performance from the inside out.
  • Brings clarity and accelerates attention.
  • Empowers you to perform at your highest level.
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Accelerate your full potential

Advanced Executive Coaching is a confidential collaboration.

You will uncover your leadership qualities and parts of your authentic leadership style that may have been silenced? 

You will discover who you are, who you want to be as an executive leader and bring forward aspects of YOU that have yet been discovered.

Through the unique combination of neurofeedback and neurological behaviour coaching  we guide you to advance performance to a whole new level.

Are you ready to make real change?

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