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Supporting Your People to Boost Your Bottom Line

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Sustainability of people, care and organisations is our passion and our priority.

Developing your people to sustain care and boost your bottom line.

Supporting your organisation and people to thrive and sustain care.

Strengthening organisation capacity for quality client care.

"We have seen the CPR program with Elegrow  provide our youth workers, team leaders and senior management, who provide care on a daily basis for young people and children living in out of home care and their families, valuable resources and new learning that will help us to keep providing care. The course and toolbox resources are fantastic and should be made available to all carers. I have spent close to 20 years in the child protection sector and wish these resources had been available to me sooner. Michelle and her team are supportive all the way."

- Stephanie Rainsford

CEO Family Centered Support Services

The Cost of Caring

Compassion fatigue (also known as secondary trauma) costs care professionals, their organisations and clients substantially.

The truth of the situation:

  • Symptoms of compassion fatigue mirror the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD).
  • Prevalence of compassion fatigue among care professionals is 15.2% twice that of the general population's prevalence for PTSD and greater.
  • Care organisations are experiencing unprecedented staff turnover from 28% to more than 50%.
  • The WHO projects an 18 Million healthcare worker shortage by the year 2030 (this was before COVID-19).

Our Solutions

Do you want a proven solution that supports your people, produces better patient outcomes and strengthens your revenue? The right partner can make all the difference.

The Care Professional's Resilience Program

Elegrow Solution’s Care Professional's Resilience (CPR) program addresses the deepest core issues of organization sustainability, high staff turnover, compassion fatigue, trauma and burnout.

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Advanced Executive Coaching

A neurobiological-behavioural advanced coaching practice that combines the development of mindset, skills, behaviour and incorporates neurofeedback to accelerate performance and potential.  

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Organisational Consulting Services

We are uniquely equipped to assist you and your organisation to develop strategy. Successful strategies come alive through people, we guide you to define your strategy and build capability to implement.

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Managing staff is the biggest cost of all for care organisations

Between serving their clients, hiring for new positions, and replacing employees who have left, it’s no wonder care organisations are struggling to thrive and sustain care. To address this accelerating turnover trend, which costs care organisations millions annually, you must start with your most valuable asset, your people.

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Why Elegrow Solutions?

Because we understand how care organisations operate and are experts in developing solutions in the context of care.

Michelle Black is unique in her approach to solving the distractions that plague care organisations causing them to lose people, revenue and clients. We understand there is a link between employee engagement and organisational performance, and is uniquely qualified to guide you to success for your care organisation. 

With credibility in the industry, proven expertise, a deep understanding of their role in serving professional clients, Elegrow is a team you can trust to lead and guide you in creating an environment where people thrive, and your bottom line gets the boost it needs. 

Evidence-based and data-driven, you can rest assured knowing your decision is solid.

“Organisations that take care of their people first, are better positioned to sustain care.”  - Michelle Black

How It Works

1. Let's talk

We are here to understand your needs, challenges and goals.  Schedule a 30 minute discovery consultation.

2. Determine Your Plan

If our solutions are a good fit, we will provide a custom proposal and walk you through the next steps. 

3. Start Your Plan

Throughout our engagement, your goals for your people, retention, revenue and sustainable care is our priority.

Invest in your most valuable asset - your people. 

Download our complimentary resource, 5 Keys to Sustaining Care, and begin the shift "from costs to care" today!


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Sustaining care is achieved by investing in your human assets.

Discover 5 quick shifts to help your staff thrive.